Classes at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, OH

A wonderful place to create art

Enjoying a beautiful spring

I am missing my classes at the Cultural Arts Center which have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a wonderful place to learn about, imagine and create art.  We are lucky to have a beautiful old downtown building where we can take inexpensive art classes taught by excellent instructors.   I’ve always enjoyed and collected art but never took formal training in it. When I retired I decided to learn to paint so I could create my own art.   My most interesting class at the Cultural Arts Center has been human figure drawing/painting which I have taken for five years.  I work intensely with charcoal, acrylic, or oil for almost three hours to capture the form and spirit of a live model.  My instructor and fellow students give me feedback that helps me improve my skills.  At the end of the class, I am completely relaxed and so happy to have created my own special piece of art.  It’s never too late to start to learn about and create art, whether it is painting, jewelry, ceramics, or sculpture. 

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