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A ten-year old Wisconsin farm girl watches her favorite cow Rosie being loaded on a truck and taken to slaughter. She vows never to be a farmer or a farmer’s wife. She is a fourth generation of German pioneer settlers in North Central Wisconsin. Despite having an often-idyllic childhood, by the 1950s, the country’s post-war optimism fed teenage Block’s hope of going to college to escape her barricaded and often small-minded world of farm, small community, and church.

Block’s quest of going to college is not encouraged by her family and teachers and there is no money to help her. She is the oldest of five children and feels she must lead the way. Take a trip through the good, bad, and ugly of dairy farm living in the 1950s as the author looks back with nostalgia on the childhood she wished to escape.

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Editorial Reviews

“A tenderhearted and socially conscious memoir of dairy farming.” – Kirkus Reviews

“In Remembering Rosie: Memories of a Wisconsin Farm Girl, author Nadine Block gives the reader a clear and engaging picture of Wisconsin farm life in the l950’s.” – Beuna Carlson, Author of Farm Girl: A Wisconsin Memoir

“The result is a lovely, inviting blend of past reminiscence and inspection of the rural values that built a foundation for one woman’s long life. Pull up a chair and visit a bygone era with Remembering Rosie for a while. These stories and their impact are well worth the time!” – Midwest Book Review, D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

“Block’s story is told in a folksy way, fairly linear with healthy critical look-backs, interpretations, and occasional outside resources to remember the cost of items or general history. Remembering Rosie is a wonderful, intimate look at the changing landscape of rural family life and highly recommended for families, especially as an encouragement to capture your own family memories—the positive and not-so-happy—before they’re lost forever.” 
-Lisa J. Lickel, author.  editor, and award-winning novelist.

Customer Reviews

“charming and authentic memoir”

“makes a nice sequel to Wilder’s “Little House On the Prairie” series”

“historically fascinating, page-turner”

“Written with humor, and clear and picturesque descriptions”

“True description of growing up on a Wisconsin farm in the 50’s. Excellent research on statistics and well presented. Really enjoyed it.”

“Nadine’s experience with the toils and drudgery of farm life is happily balanced with a caring and loving family which makes for colorful and heartfelt memories.”


The Wisconsin State Journal

Marshfield News Herald

All proceeds from the book sales go to the U.S. Alliance to End Hitting of Children for positive discipline education programs.