A well-attended reception for my first independent art show of acrylic paintings, “Travel Series 2016” took place on March 25th at the Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, Ohio. The strong reception of the show during its month at the Cultural Arts Center led to an invitation to display the unsold paintings at another city art space, the Jerry Hammond Center. In July 2016, my acrylic portrait painting “Deep Thinking” was exhibited in the Student/Faculty Show at the Cultural Arts Center Main Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Two oil paintings, “Grandma Sarah’s Mums” and “Koi Garden” were exhibited at the Biennial Exhibition in the Concourse Gallery in Upper Arlington, Ohio from July 1 to August 19, 2016

I love art. I have always loved it, collected it, doodled and made little books for my grandchildren. I love to travel. I love exploration, new foods, dazzling sights, and trying to understand other people and ways of life. I’ve traveled to 64 countries. When I travel, I use my travel photos mixed among my illustrations in writing stories for my grandchildren. I want to entice them to see my travel photos and to become travelers themselves. When they were little, I often wrote fanciful stories about animals who had to meet challenges like” Corey the Camel in Timbuktu” and “Casey the Cat in Kathmandu.” As they have gotten older, I have written and illustrated stories that incorporate history and geography like “George and the Lizard,” a story about a trip to the Pueblo Indian Reservation.

When I retired in 2010, I decided I would write and learn to draw and paint. The first three years, I published two books which are described on this website. I then turned to learning to paint. I have always enjoyed and collected art but my only formal schooling in it was a college class in Art History. I began taking 6-9 hours a week of classes in drawing and painting at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center and with local artists.

Painting from my travel photos has helped me enjoy my travel adventures all over again. And, I haven’t finished traveling or learning about painting and drawing.

I hope you enjoy my paintings!

Trees Landscape with Circles

Trees Landscape with Circles

A Vase with Flowers

A Vase with Flowers

<b>Moving Circles</b>

Moving Circles

<b>Garden Planning</b>

Garden Planning

<b>Three Vases</b>

Three Vases





<b>Fall Blooms</b>

Fall Blooms

<b>Blue Bells and Bubbles</b>

Blue Bells and Bubbles

<b>Koi Garden</b>

Koi Garden

<b>Grandma Sarah's Mums</b>

Grandma Sarah's Mums

<b>Bees Are Our Friends</b>

Bees Are Our Friends

<b>Summer Garden</b>

Summer Garden



<b>Nude with red headdress</b>

Nude with red headdress



<b>Aix En Provence Flower Shop</b>

Aix En Provence Flower Shop

<b>Southern India Foliage</b>

Southern India Foliage

<b>Vermont Covered Bridge</b>

Vermont Covered Bridge

<b>Across the Bosporus, Istanbul</b>

Across the Bosporus, Istanbul

<b>Istanbul Fruit Market</b>

Istanbul Fruit Market

<b>Cheetah in Kenya</b>

Cheetah in Kenya

<b>Istanbul Fish Market</b>

Istanbul Fish Market

<b>Lotus Land Succulents</b>

Lotus Land Succulents

<b>Cappadocia, Turkey</b>

Cappadocia, Turkey

<b>The Chief and Me;  Papua New Guinea</b>

The Chief and Me; Papua New Guinea

<b>Temple Pilgrims in Tamil Nadu India</b>

Temple Pilgrims in Tamil Nadu India

<b>La Boca, Buenos Aires</b>

La Boca, Buenos Aires

<b>Away I go again</b>

Away I go again

<b>Lavender field in Provence</b>

Lavender field in Provence