My perfect day includes art

I like waking up and remembering something from my sleep which helps me solve a problem in a painting I am working on. I especially love my human figure painting class which involves me intensely as I try to capture the form and spirit of the model.  When the class ends, I am completely relaxed.   I always have physical activity in my day, walking a few miles or doing workout classes.  Ending my perfect day is a glass of wine and a lovely dinner prepared by my husband who is an excellent chef.

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“Lavender Field in Provence”

“Lavender Field in Provence” Acrylic Painting by Nadine Block

A friend and I went on a walking tour of Provence, France a few years ago. We walked 10K a day, ate in beautiful restaurants and shopped or toured museums in the afternoon. It was a magnificent vacation. Just imagine doing a healthy walk which mitigates a caloric meal! We walked along and kayaked the Gardon River where the beautiful Pont Du Gard Roman aqueducts can be seen.

One evening we went to a service featuring Gregorian chants by monks in a white stone abbey. It was very quiet and peaceful. A large lavender field next to the abbey was magnificent. When I came home, I wrote and illustrated a little book for my grandchildren, “Two Grannies Walking.”

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Southern India Foliage

“Southern India Foliage” acrylic painting by Nadine Block

In 2012, I traveled with a friend and a tour group to southern India. From Chennai on the Bay of Bengal we went around the southern tip of India to Cochin, Bangalore and Mysore. Southern India is less populated and has more open space than other parts of India. There were vivid green rice fields, tea plantations and Hindu Temples. Cows, tuk tuks and honking trucks fought for space on dusty roads.
I was blessed by an elephant. He swung his long grey trunk over my head and gave it a slight touch, a blessing. In India, elephants are believed to be holy.

Southern India Foliage